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The thumb is mightier than the sword - September 23rd, 2009

I wish that my runny nose would either feck right off, or would turn into a full-blown cold. I seem to be resigned to some sort of sniffly purgatory and i’m not that big a fan it must be said.
I should take this opportunity to mention that a lot of the things i write on here have been previously road tested on the unsuspecting individuals i hang out with. It’s probably a good thing they don’t read my blog cause then they would realise i am just going for extra mileage of something that has already gotten a laugh.

Illustrating the popularity of the c-bomb - September 18th, 2009

Say what you want about my affinity for the word but it certainly brings the public in. Whether or not it is the type of public i want is another matter. After all, my blog’s subheading is and was (in the xanga days) ‘Illustrating the diversity of the C-word’; it does carry an underlying agenda. I remembered an entry from Squires some time back (link?) about the different ways people had come across his website (referrals for the un-web 2.0), so i decided i would chew through some time and have a look.

Look for the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes…. - September 15th, 2009

…at least that way you’ll know she’s a nutter. Seriously i’d rather find out up front and know what you are dealing with than at some stage further down the road when you are in too deep to make a gracious exit.
Comically, I don’t date anywhere near enough girls where i can pass these sorts of comments off without the girl(s) in question getting suspicious.

Tom was a racecar driver - September 5th, 2009

CNN is my polar opposite. I am the most uninformed person on the planet.

Friendships aren’t rational. It’s like when you’re a football manager and your star Ivorian Coast striker blatantly dives and you claim not to have seen the play and will have to see the video. You have to take your friends side no matter what. If you are shown the replay at a later stage then you best be good at bullshitting.