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The best song about gang-rape ever - December 19th, 2010

Why can’t self-deprecating humour or observations be just what it says on the box? Why does it always have to be a cry for sympathy or reassurance? If i say my food poisoning was welcomed as i could probably do with losing a bit of weight…it is because i am probably 15 or 20 kilos over weight, not because i want the recipient of my humour to try to tell me I’m not. If i don’t think i’m technical enough to pass a techie interview that would be because i’m entirely self-taught and didn’t cover all the basics but skipped to the parts i actually use. I make independent observations about myself all the time, but when i tell other people about them it makes them uncomfortable and resort to stupid reassuring comments that mean fuck all to anyone with half a brain. Yet if i make these observations about someone else – oh that’s insightful, oh yeah i never thought of it like that, you know you’re right they do that because of that. I can’t be introspective? Maybe not with relationships…i’ll concede to that one but in everyday observations i can’t see why i can’t say the things that i do. It’s not me being depressed or a cry for help…im just pointing out cause and effect…