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30 Day Song Challenge: 1. Your Favourite Song

So here we go, 30 posts in 30 days. What better day to start than the first of June? Makes it easier to keep track of right? And on the 31st day he rested. Unfortunately i don’t quite have the time, nor the inclination at the moment to craft 30 full posts so what you get is going to be a hybrid thingy. I’ve been meaning to do the Wastebook 30day song challenge for a while now but can’t quite bring myself to post that many updates on wastebook.

So i thought, I’ll make some posts out of them. I’ll pad it out with things that piss me off at the moment or observation’s I’ve made today and see how i go. Then i can always crap on about that day’s song for a bit of extra padding. There’s also a special treat as i have recently unearthed two word documents on my hard-drive dated sometime in 2007 that i may or may not have published. Again, i don’t have the inclination to go and look to see if i have in fact published these already. What do you call someone who lacks inclination? Flat? Horizontal? Inclinatedly challenged?

How come, if – not that i want to but just hypothetically speaking, if – i wanted to take a poo in the middle of the street…again I’m not saying i think about doing this but just for the sake of the argument…how come i would more than likely be arrested, but it is ok for a police horse to just walk up a road and shit all over a perfectly good pedestrianised street? Is this because they are animals? Like dogs? How come the police don’t have to get down off their horses with big bags to pick up their horsey doo doo? Here’s a thin napkin. Smell that copper? Smell’s like servitude…

Things that piss me off at the moment:

– Buying a widescreen tv and still having to watch things with the fucking black bars at the top and bottom of the screen.

– Tv commercials for Amazon Kindle. So it’s a digital version of a book right? Well they don’t show people gathering in parks with 5 or 6 people hovering over the latest Dan Brown novel or a young couple falling over each other flipping through the next Patricia Cornwell novel. Since when were books a sociable thing? I imagine Patricia Cornwell’s novels are a big money spinner for the kindle. You basically just have the shell of the novel written and use a random word generator to come up with a new title, location and victim’s name. Well it’s a battle between her and John Grisham for least overheads…

So I don’t really like the questions of the 30 days song challenge…I basically just want to force my music on other people for a month. Deal with it.

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3 witty retorts to “30 Day Song Challenge: 1. Your Favourite Song”

  1. Squires says:

    old, over the hill, settled, incapable of learning new things ;)
    I’m actually quite keen to read the 2007 stuff. Oh…I hope I get a tag…

    And when you say forcing your music on “other people” you mean…me?!? or do you really mean other people :D

    June just got a lot better for me when I read this…in spite of the Coheed and Cambria I’m looking forward to the rest of the month…with a caveat…if you continue to put up crappy songs me enthusiasm might wane a bit…

  2. TomiHendrix says:

    Have you seen the 30 day song challenge requirements? I don’t have a choice!

  3. Squires says:

    I hadn’t until I looked it up just now…I want to play!

    that’s your favourite song…I might use it for day 12 ;)

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