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30 Day Song Challenge: 2. Your Least Favourite Song

This is why this challenge is a little bit shit. Now i have to essentially promote some terrible music. How do you pick your least favourite song? I’d be hard pressed to pick my least favourite artist. So this one might just be some things that piss me off. I’m a bit too tired to write something more in depth than that, and the thought of another 28 posts in the next 28 days is making me think i’ve written a cheque i definitely can’t cash.

Maybe i’ll start with some things that amused me recently however. I’m certainly on my way to proving that quality > quantity…

If you install Microsoft Outlook and set it up to receive your private mail, it will send a test email to your account with subject ‘Microsoft Outlook Test Message’ to make sure you are receiving mail….i found it in the Junk Mail folder. Well done Microsoft.

I was walking to work this morning and passed this girl who’s arm movement was no longer in pace with her walk. It’s like she’d had a right strop on at some point but then got slowed down by other people or something, but her arm just kept just kept pumping away like a demon. It made me smile.

Some more things that piss me off.

– WordPress
– WordPress updates.
– Browser-specific layout problems.
– Manchester City’s Pozman celebration.
– Every commentator who commentates – as commentators tend to do – on Manchester City games and uses the phrase ‘and here go the city fans with the absolutely unique Pozman celebration’…absolutely unique except for the team they stole it off. Murray Walker anyone?
– The poor coordination and memories of charity collectors – I leave the station and there is one just outside the ticket gates collecting for Red cross or something. I throw in a few coins, more than i should have cause i accidentally pulled out gold coins and the chick saw them so i couldn’t exactly take them back and look for something smaller. Then i walk around the corner and there is another one from the same charity and he asks as well. I try to intimate that i just paid his mate and he just looks at me like i’m the lowest of the low. And if it’s not two of them, it’s walking passed the same one twice. They ask you the second time and you try to acknowledge them with recognition and they stonewall you. What are you a fucking goldfish? I was here like two minutes ago…

Anyway this song is just awful. From start to finish, terrible. Lyrics? Atrocious!

I’ll be there till the stars don’t shine…Yes ladies, Jon will stick around till the morning, then it’s splitsville.
Till the heavens burst….till the first sign of rain….
and the words don’t rhyme…. they never rhyme you douche! You know what does rhyme? Rhyme and shine. Why not, time? Lime? Dime? Grime? Crime? Mime? How about mime? I’ll be there till the heavens burst and i become a mime? Doesn’t make any sense does it Jon? Well neither does till the words don’t rhyme you fucking tool!!!!

18.5 million hits! This is what is wrong with this world!

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One measly response to “30 Day Song Challenge: 2. Your Least Favourite Song”

  1. Squires says:

    I’m not going to watch this video, but I’ll take your word for it ;)
    Looking forward to a song that makes you happy tho…if you do the Shiny Happy people song with the muppet I’m going to be dissapointed.
    However, I assume you’ll pick something dark…I would.

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