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30 Day Song Challenge: 3. A Song That Makes You Happy

Slight setback in that the two posts from 2007 i found, one has already been posted. Drat. So yeah i had an impromptu visit from an ex Frankfurter last night  which fell short of being messy but still prevented me from posting day 3 on day three. So i guess i’ll have to post twice tomorrow.

More things that piss me off at the moment

– Frodo
– Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes
– When a shitty song that you didn’t even know you had on your ipod comes on and appears to be 3 decibels louder than anything else you have on your ipod and  there are too many people on the bus preventing you from pulling your ipod out of your pocket and pressing skip. So now Johnny random next to me thinks i’m  into Kylie Minogue…
– Going to sleep when the sun is still up
– TV shows like CSI and such that can ‘zoom in’ and ‘clear up’ cctv footage. Why then are we still looking at blurry pictures on crimewatch?
– When people answer an either/or question with ‘yes’. Which one dickhead?
– Men’s clothes. I went shopping recently to get some trousers for a party and the only two styles the stores seemed to have was one called ‘Skinny Carrot’,  and some other style that is only suitable for a skinny bow-legged jockey.

A song that makes you happy…I think this might be the toughest one for me to decide. Happiness is not something i can relate to, it’s too abstract. I can think of song’s that make me smile or laugh but is that really happiness? I need something tangible…Euphoric? Sure i could come up with a song that elicits a drug-like response, but happiness? Happy like what?

Even if i think how other people might answer this i struggle. Say some do-gooder out there thinks of Louis Armstrong’s Wonderful world for example. I don’t think that song makes me happy. If anything it makes me think of the all the shitty things going on that don’t match up to the illusion of the song. If i think of a song to remind me of someone or something good, invariably it is back home in Oz and it saddens me that i’m not there.

So i began making a shortlist of songs. Blind Melon, No rain? Hardly a happiness inspiring song, though quite a happy melody. Sneaker Pimps 6 underground? Doesn’t really invoke overwhelming joy, though a sarcastic nod of towards a common train of thought can bring a wry smile to the corner of my mouth. Bob Dylan’s it ain’t me babe? Similarly cynical though not really what i would call happy. I was going to say Brian Jonestown Massacre – Sue in that i always feel calm and tend to drift away when listening to that song. I guess that is the closest i could say i get to happiness…calm and not thinking about anything in particular.

But then i figured i’m just thinking about it too much and instead i’ve gone for the positivity machine that is Mr Rudd. A song that makes you happy or a song that is supposed to make you happy…

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