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30 Day Song Challenge: 4. A Song That Makes You Sad

I have to preface my next point by saying i have never seen the movie Sliding Doors. I am aware of the concept of the movie but frankly i find that blonde bint in it entirely annoying. Never-the-less i have come to think of my journal as a bit like sliding doors. I write a lot of letters, explanations, theories etc, sometimes just ramblings and free association…anything to try to make the noise stop really. But the sliding doors part really has more to do with the letters.

Again, my concept of that movie is fairly limited…she just misses a train and the movie splits in two – how her life is by not making the train and how her life would have been if she had of made it? Pretty weak premise for a movie but i guess you don’t really find mindfucks in the romantic drama genre. Anyway, i kind of wonder sometimes if the letters i write are better off left unsent.

The majority of them are never read by anyone other than myself but occasionally when push comes to shove i will have to send them. I can’t say that it has entirely worked out for the good on most of those times.In fact sometimes i wonder just what life would be like had i not sent them. Still, you live and learn. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger…One in the hand is worth two in the bush…hung for a lamb, hung for a sheep….too many cook spoil the broth…

I don’t think the intention of this song is to make people sad. I actually really like the song, particularly the Nouvelle Vague cover of it. But every time after i hear this i can’t help going over and over in my head every failed relationship i’ve had…what went wrong and then the inevitable retaliatory apathy towards the girl, followed by numbness, followed by some pre-meditated feeling of contempt towards her for not choosing me, followed by a rolling wave of regret and self-pity followed by a (usually false) feeling of superiority and realisation that she was never worth it to begin with and i shouldn’t have ever felt anything for her. Yeah it’s cathartic…

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3 witty retorts to “30 Day Song Challenge: 4. A Song That Makes You Sad”

  1. Squires says:

    and….he’s fading……

    why not the Nouvelle Vague version? I like their version better as well.

  2. Squires says:

    Are you going to quit on day 4 of our road trip and go home???

  3. Squires says:

    Remember “The making of Tomi”…that was a 12 part series that was awesome!!!

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