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It’s been a while

Apologies for not writing for a bit. I’ve reached a whole new level of being busy. It’s not any one thing i can put my finger on either…i’m just spread incredibly thin. I remember taking on an additional role at Einstein in a feeble attempt for more money and wondering if i would manage the extra workload. That worked out alright – well except the additional money part. I’ve just taken on a new role, which was not supposed to be an addition but rather a replacement at my current workplace. However, i don’t think anyone else got that memo as my old workload has increased with people increasingly going walkabout. Nothing particularly hard mind you, just time consuming when i would rather be learning my new role. Long story, long, that is why i’m not updating that frequently. Deal with it.

I’ve also been travelling a bit. I ended up flying off to Singland for Easter / birfday. It was a fairly rash decision so i paid the price of last minute booking. Luftie ended up being the cheapest…and for a reason… I’ve never really had a problem with Lufthansa, having only flown them short haul to London and various other European jaunts. This was to be my first, and hopefully last long-haul trip with them. I don’t think i have fancy tastes or needs…but a fricking tv screen shouldn’t be too much to ask for should it? Apparently it is for Luftie. One tv screen per 5 rows in the middle of the aisle hanging down from the roof. What is this, the 70’s? Excuse me miss, i speak Jive….I kept waiting for the cigarette light to go off so everyone could start puffing away.

So i was less than impressed. Even more so when i found a German family sitting in my seats. My sister, who was meeting me in Singland, had texted me to say she had been bumped into business class cause they had overbooked. So i found the nearest air steward chappy to find out what the deal was. “Look they are a whole family so if it’s easier to move just one person i don’t mind…”. 10 minutes later and they found a seat for me…in Economy (D’oh)…next to this massive polish guy (D’oh!!). So here i was squeezed next to Polski produkty for 11 hours. Good thing i had a fool proof plan on how to get to sleep.

I’d been up since 5 or so for the early shift at work, had worked through and then gone home to pack. A couple of brewskies while i packed and another quick tipple out at the airport. I’d forced out a couple of visits to the jacks so i should be right for this flight (window seat people have to be prepared). I figured 1 or 2 glasses of wine with the meal and i would be out like a light. Not knowing the standard procedure i had to try to wing it in terms of nailing down that second glass of wine without having to ask for it and looking like the alco guy over buy the window.

“Thankyou ladies and gentlemen, we will shortly be providing a cocktail service followed by meals accompanied by cold drinks”

Cocktail service hey? Can just imagine Hennifer coming out from the galley with her cart of crushed limes and ice ready to fire me up a Caipi… Sadly this only loosely translates into drinks before dinner. I was still watching the rows in front of me order their drinks just to get a feel of what was and was not allowed. Three people ordered Campari on ice…i’ve worked in bars in three different countries for over 5 years and never, ever once poured a Campari and anything…

So the chappy makes his way to our row. “I’ll have a red wine and a water please.” Polski produkty had a neat whisky i believe. Nothing for the elderly woman on the end. 10 minutes later i didn’t notice the woman walking back up the aisle from behind us offering refills for wine drinkers…dammit! That might have been my window of opportunity. I’m just going to have to ride this one out. If Polski produkty goes in for another drink i’ll ride his coattails, otherwise that’s me done for the journey.

The food follows shortly, a combination of various foodstuffs which i don’t eat, lying on top of things which i do eat. lovely. Lo and behold another offer of drinks as well. My plan had come to fruition! Well, the schematics of it anyway. Unfortunately it did not put me into a very deep sleep and i awoke with Polski produkty’s nose several cm’s from my face. I think i have curvature of the spine now from spending the rest of the flight up against the wall trying to avoid him touching me. Don’t feel bad Polski Produkty, it’s not you it’s me. I’m a fan of personal space.

Singapore was great as usual. Father came over to visit from the Philippines, and Aleisha was flying back from Frankfurt so we had a great crew. The place we were staying at was incredible. There’s something to be said for expat wages in Singland ;)

Monday night and it was time to fly back to the furt… notice how i avoided any mention of a football match having taken place? Same sort of setup…i stayed awake as long as possible with the intent of my 3 wine plan coming to fruition and knocking me out until i arrive in the furt early Tuesday morning. Notice also how the 2 Wine plan has now been upgraded. Long Haul Flight Management 2.0. Cocktails dude comes around…glass of red thanks. Spot girl coming back up the aisle, one refill thanks. Food comes out, ill have another thanks. Feeling mightily please with myself i hand over my plates to the guy and sit back contentedly, only to notice the food-collector also dabbles in a bit of brandy and baileys distribution. God dammit!! You’ve won this round lufthansa…I hope there’s not another round!

That’s all i’ve got time for at the moment.

Do you feel cheated? I’ve just written a page on nothing more than the drink service of a return flight to Singland. bet you can’t wait for the next instalment. Well guess what, you’re going to have to….

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2 witty retorts to “It’s been a while”

  1. Squires says:

    You spelled installment wrong and Lufthansa is way better than any american airline I’ve been on. We’ll be booking on the United site, but flying Lufthansa…
    gate sharing :)

  2. TomiHendrix says:

    ahhh yanks…always think their way is the right way….

    An instalment or installment in American English usually refers to either:

    * An instalment in a television or radio series. See episode
    * An instalment is also a term used in the Commonwealth to refer to monetary payments when hiring an object.

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