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Look for the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes….

…at least that way you’ll know she’s a nutter. Seriously i’d rather find out up front and know what you are dealing with than at some stage further down the road when you are in too deep to make a gracious exit.

Comically, I don’t date anywhere near enough girls where i can pass these sorts of comments off without the girl(s) in question getting suspicious. There’s probably a couple of girls i know that if they read this would assume i am talking about them. Don’t worry it’s not you that i’m writing about…or is it? Nah, Just kidding…or am i? I can feel a Carly Simon remix coming on…

It’s Tuesday night and not a single Patrick Swayze joke has come my way. By this stage i already had about 3 different email chains going trading Michael Jackson jokes…Does no-one care anymore????

This guy is my new idol. Well i didn’t really have an idol before that. Maybe Kurt Cobain, and this guy doesn’t beat him. Ok this is someone i look up to. I’d like to think i can bitch about stuff with certain aplomb but credit where credit’s due this guy takes it to a whole new level. I would almost consider joining Twitter to follow this guy. I said almost. I’ve almost considered giving up drinking at times, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. http://twitter.com/shitmydadsays

Squires won’t link to me because i use certain words too much which may offend the ‘high-brow’ readers of his site. I will have you folks know – and by you i mean Squires and Berger, my faithful audience – i have shown considerable constraint when dropping the c-bomb recently.

So because of this my self-constraint, i feel no ashame when i ask – What is your definition of a cunt?

Someone who uses the middle urinal out of a possible three, making you take one of the side ones next to him?

Someone who purposely writes a post about cunts so that he can tag it again making the word appear even bigger in the tag cloud, rivalling ze Germans?

Someone who treads on an ex-teammates head the first time they meet?



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8 witty retorts to “Look for the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes….”

  1. Squires says:

    dammit son…you did it again :)

    when you say discuss you mean you and I should have a talk about this right? Maybe Berger will join in at some point.
    btw Berger did the middle urinal thing…Just sayin’

  2. Squires says:

    …and how do I get a proper picture next to my comments?

  3. TomiHendrix says:

    Yep, i’m expecting a plethora of comments from you two using pseudonyms to give the impression that more than two people read this dribble. Good question on the avatars…will add it to my list of things to do.

  4. Jurckhilf Greitleutner says:

    … sorry for disrupting the anticipated, uniform plethora of comments. ;)

  5. Squires says:

    dammit Berger. If you’re going to use a german pseudonym put in some umlauts ;)

  6. Squires says:

    and my god…what’s bigger than pick a path but smaller than CARLOS TEVEZ…

  7. TomiHendrix says:

    The eternal conundrum…

  8. Berger says:

    No pseudonyms going on here mate. I’m clean. Normally if I use a pseudo it will be something like The Sandspider or The Irish Wolfhound. “Why,” you ask? Simply because it sounds scary.

    Actually I think I got that from a movie somewhere…

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