Mudhoney Roadtrip 2009

Does what it says on the box. We followed Mudhoney from Berlin to Prague via Dresdnen.

Northern Ireland and the Republic 2003

Paddywagon tour coming off the back of my European jaunt with Cat. Think it was about 3 days/nights in the North and 7 or so in the South. Some of these pics aren't mine because i fucked my camera up and lost half of them. So thanks to the Kiwi Em for the others.

Prague 2003

Missing half of my pictures here again, so no visual aids to an Englishmen and Irishmen and an Australian walking into a bar. Poor Cat broke her ankle so all of these must be from the first day.

Greece 2003

A lazy week or so around the Greek Islands way back when, with the lovely Manon as company. The proper way to do contiki tour...use them for cheap accommodation and travel and then fuck off from the group at every opportunity.

Gothenburg 2005

Thank God for Ryan Air...but not for Kiwis =) My and Mrs Boychild, Myself, Matty and some Kiwis tried to fit in with the local Swedes...