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Stay tuned!!!

So my web-bloggy thingy is up for renewal again. I’ve posted something like 7 times since last renewal. That makes it an extortionate amount for someone that writes in notepad and posts when i have the time and inclination. Anyway i’ll propbably end up doing it. I have a plan for 30 days of posts….sounds exciting doesn’t it??? Anyway in the meantime…consider this:

I spend half my time feeling sorry for myself because of the way i see this world..the other half i spend feeling sorry for those who can’t see it this way…

1117 comments….4 updates….3 plugin updates….Sorry for keeping you up dude….


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  1. Squires says:

    well, if I thought complaining about your lack of posts would work then I would have…

    I’m glad to see London is doing wonders for your soul ;)

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