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I want to have Roonbeast’s baby - December 1st, 2009

Always be cautious around bow-legged people…they’re shifty. Nobody’s going around riding horses any more, so why are they bow-legged? Shifty i tell you.

While I’m on the topic of legs… your knees should not be the widest part of your legs. You’re supposed to have thigh muscles AND calf muscles. Seriously people, I will buy you a sandwich, it just looks fucking disgusting.

Illustrating the popularity of the c-bomb - September 18th, 2009

Say what you want about my affinity for the word but it certainly brings the public in. Whether or not it is the type of public i want is another matter. After all, my blog’s subheading is and was (in the xanga days) ‘Illustrating the diversity of the C-word’; it does carry an underlying agenda. I remembered an entry from Squires some time back (link?) about the different ways people had come across his website (referrals for the un-web 2.0), so i decided i would chew through some time and have a look.

A priest, a hooligan and a bewildered Aussie walk into Old Trafford… - August 26th, 2009

I’m not finding things as funny any more as i continue to do an impersonation of someone that doesn’t care.
Another from the old Xanga days. It’s funny to read this actually to see that i once liked Tevez. That was before he tried to be bigger than our team. You can try to go against Fergie if you’re stupid enough Carlito, but don’t think for one second the fans will follow you down that road.

Ugly Cunts XI - July 22nd, 2009

Yesterday morning i had my first ‘Final Destination’ moment. You know how they can apparently stay alive by paying attention to the signs and signals and what have you? Every morning i cross at this set of traffic lights with a little island thing in the middle near the exhibition center. The island bit is sort of on the apex of the corner so as you stand there, the traffic is coming directly at you and then it curves away in front of you.

Bye Bye Ronnie - July 2nd, 2009

So Christiano has left, and Tevez should soon follow suit. Bit ambivalent to be honest. You don’t want to play for United then Fuck Off! You’re not bigger than this club. Good luck Real…he should fit in nicely with you lot.