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The Socially Retarded Tortoise Plan - August 13th, 2009

I don’t really feel like writing yet, so i’m not sure how long this one will be. Maybe the final destination ending i foresaw may not have been a bad option after all. Let’s just say my holiday turned out nothing like i had planned. C’est la vie, and all that cliched dribble. Whilst it was enlightening in the fact that i finally found out i suffer from Assburgers disorder and BBD (a rare syndrome where you believe you are a mediocre east coast early 90’s rap group), like Phong says, it doesn’t take multiple degrees to see that i have a personality disorder. However, the trip also brought an end to both my noblest of crushes, and my most irrational pursuit.

Ugly Cunts XI - July 22nd, 2009

Yesterday morning i had my first ‘Final Destination’ moment. You know how they can apparently stay alive by paying attention to the signs and signals and what have you? Every morning i cross at this set of traffic lights with a little island thing in the middle near the exhibition center. The island bit is sort of on the apex of the corner so as you stand there, the traffic is coming directly at you and then it curves away in front of you.