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The Roadtrip Pt III – Three, is a magic number - October 30th, 2009

A decent nights rest and very little to drink the previous night meant we were feeling fine. We set off to enjoy Prague during the daytime. not phased by the seemingly ineffectiveness of the ‘Slavic plan’ it was decided that if we were to run into any nefarious creatures on the trams or in the streets silk would address me in Serbian – though sadly not on the Serbian finger phone – and i would respond with ‘Da’. What could possibly go wrong?

Phil Leguizamo - July 5th, 2009

So the other day i watched George A Romero’s Land Of The Dead. Pretty average movie, but what stuck with me the most is how much our friend Flip looks like John Leguizamo and how they both appear to have problems with their necks where they can only face a camera at an angle.