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Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon - October 9th, 2009

Never one to take more than i give, here is a little bit of education for y’all. Wikipedia is a bit like a pick-a-path novel sometimes. Reading an article on Australian sports fans being limited to 24 cans of beer for the annual Bathurst 1000 race and the associated uproar, some young upstart for the BBC has tried to claim that the title given to Aussies as big drinkers may be erroneous. Typical really – whinging frigging poms trying to take some other title off us. Let me just reassure you, we will confidently drink you under the table. The Germans…will drink you under the table. The Irish…will drink you under the table…then wake you up to do shots.

A tangent to a tangent - June 26th, 2009

My mind is like a pick-a-path novel. You know those books as a kid where you get to the end of the page and it says “Turn to page 50 if you want to go into the cave; Turn to page 79 if you want to run away from the dragon like a little girl”.