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30 Day Song Challenge: 3. A Song That Makes You Happy - June 4th, 2011

Slight setback in that the two posts from 2007 i found, one has already been posted. Drat. So yeah i had an impromptu visit from an ex Frankfurter last night which fell short of being messy but still prevented me from posting day 3 on day three. So i guess i’ll have to post twice tomorrow.

Something that is fungible - March 27th, 2010

I don’t have time at the moment to write much so to keep you occupied here’s one that made me chuckle a while ago.

It’s true, when i don’t sleep it turns into Squires’ blog. Random inside jokes. One-liners that probably require explanation even for the people involved. Huge chunks cut and pasted from another website. Unexplained and un-related lyrics to songs nobody else knows or even cares about… it’s great, at least you know you can have a day off at some day mate and i can cover for you!

Before i start my latest series of rants, this is not my fabled ‘next blog entry’. That would require time, patience and dedication of which i have next to none of at the moment.

Where do we all belong? - December 31st, 2009

hmm what happened since the last time i wrote…We scored some tickets to another festival thanks to Phong’s (ex) missus! Never knew much about the Southside Festival (fucking hell MTV is playing New Kids on the Block). Squires went there last year or the year before and said the facilities weren’t that good so i wasn’t sure what to expect. Dude it’s the PG13 version of Rock Festivals! I don’t think you’ll ever want to go to Rock am Ring then.