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Where everything is a question?

I’m not even going to bother with the obligatory apologies and excuses for not having written earlier. I still enjoy writing but my lifestyle has changed somewhat and does not allow me to keep this up. I’ll still keep it there and will write when I can but I’m not going to go so far as to make any promises for future output levels. I have a 3 month sabbatical at the moment so am writing from my Sister’s balcony in Sydney and so far have the impetus to write, though that may dwindle. The 30 songs in 30 days? Dead! Over! Forget it. Move along, there is nothing to see here.

I don’t have photoshop on my laptop otherwise I’d like to wrap a little Aussie flag over my logo to announce the Australian version’s arrival…so maybe just imagine it is there. Looks good doesn’t it…I will try to update the Music and Youtube pages with something more current as well. Have a few links tucked away which are fairly interesting. Won’t get much of an overhaul on my laptop but the most i can offer is something loosely resembling fresh content. I have a text file with thoughts and ideas from my various bus trips in to work which seem somewhat familiar so it is possible I have written about them before, but I’m not about to go and read back over my own dribble to qualify those thoughts. Like this little ditty:

Someone told me once that earwax is actually cholesterol. I don’t possess the inclination to actually look this up so I’m just going to say it with confidence as if it was a given fact. Why are we not using this in advertising? Eat Activa dairy spread…clinically proven to lower you earwax levels. Eat more emu, it’s low in earwax.

Sound familiar? Does to me. Just treat it like one of the bits you see a stand-up comedian do in his DVD special and then you see him live and he does the same bit and you feel cheated. Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?

Has everyone else found that secret chamber in your ear where you have to twist a little before changing directions and doubling back on yourself a bit? There was proper archaeological wax in there.

I don’t hear so good any more…

When I was in the states last year, I caught this train thing from Seattle airport into town, or downtown I guess I should say. Anyways, as we were pulling in to Rainier beach station, the clearly pre-recorded voice said “Please exit through the doors to my left.” Considering I couldn’t see the bint speaking I’m assuming they want me to believe this is the train speaking to me? What is this…Johnny Cab?

I don’t judge people on their race, sexuality, religion, social standing or moral code. I judge you on your headphones and indeed lack thereof…



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