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Who’s the new guy?

Hi, remember me? I don’t. Seems like ages since i’ve written on here. All of my one loyal fans noticed and it took him 3 weeks to hark up about it. That’s called dedication. Well i don’t know that it’s necessarily going to get much better. I’ve finished most of my travelling for the moment…June was ridiculous. But time is something i don’t have a lot of these days so it doesn’t look all that optimistic that i can write again anytime soon.

What i might do, is try to remember some stories here and there from June and beyond…whenever the last time i wrote was, and just try to serialize them in shortened form, rather than my usual long drawn out flowery monologues. How does that work? To be honest i had the urge to write a novel while i was away in South Africa and actually came up with a fairly decent storyline, but lacking paper or a laptop it has descended further into the grey airy mist of my head. Something i’ve never done, write fiction that is. Definitely on my list of things to do, but when i don’t have the time to write a paragraph on here then i’m not sure when that will actually happen. Watch this space…indefinitely.

Alright i better go have a quick peek at what i wrote last time…for the sake of continuity and all.

Well i renewed my website as you can tell…money well spent i say. This post has set me back about €20.

Shit! It was all the way back in May?? I can’t even remember last week let alone a few months ago. That’s just not going to work. Ok scrap May and let me think of something i did in June that was humorous…

Well at the beginning of the month i went to Budapest for Murphy’s stag do. I was a bit hesitant to go at first…until i read the email from the guy organising it…then i was really hesitant! (Edit: A ‘contributor’ of mine reworded the email slightly and i had intended pasting it here for you viewing pleasure, but wussed out at the last minute in case any others of the attendees found my page via wastebook. Email me if you’d like to read it.)

But i’m glad that i went in the end. I had a good time and i think Murph did. There are a few things that will stay in Budapest as the old adage goes, but then i guess it wouldn’t be much of a stag do if they was nothing to be ashamed of.

I did however manage to break my camera which was not ideal timing considering i was heading to the World cup in South Africa in three days’ time.

I also managed to maintain my loving relationship with insect bites. On the final day we were lying in a park killing some time before heading out to the airport. I was bitten by something on the arm. Now i reckon it may have been a spider in the end but the doctor’s official wisdom said it was a mosquito carrying an infection. Some infection! My arm swelled up like popeye! So i ended up getting fairly hard antibiotics/antihistamines to bring the swelling down. So all in all i was set up well for the debauchery that would take place in a few days’ time in South Africa….

Tune in sometime in 2012 when i find the time to continue with that story!

So here are some random points from my blog.txt that i can’t be bothered expanding on:

More Denglish past-tense words that annoy me: Getoasted. Toasted is already past tense. You have re-past-ed it.

If we’re not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover, why do people spend so much time designing covers and making them look attractive?

Lyrics taken out of context: After that shit got sour – I’m not sure we should be using adjectives of taste to describe fecal matter.

ummm how am i doing on length here? Do you feel cheated yet? Ok let me finish off with something with a bit more thought put into it.

In some ways the meaning of this song may have been spoilt by me having grown up in a city as large as Sydney. I mean the meaning is still there, especially having left my city, but I think the real striking thing of this song is the familiarity of a small town, especially coupled with the memories of a person. Squires might get this, but i don’t know how big bum-fuck is/was till i have been there. Next year?

The first time i heard this version of the song i cried. Not because of the movie, i think just the version of the song used in the movie. I’d always known the song, and that it is my Dad’s favourite, but never really connected to it until now. To hear it sung by a children’s choir and still have the same relation to the meaning of the song gave it a sense of timelessness.

I’m not going to post the lyrics here but you can read through them here: http://www.coldchisel.com.au/l1_flametress.html

Annoyingly, they’ve disabled the embedding feature for the Little Fish version but please watch it here first: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dMhnsatKrM

Non-Australian’s probably won’t like the original which i have put below. Picture the Boss’ ‘Glory Days’ and substitute Australiana for Americana.

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5 witty retorts to “Who’s the new guy?”

  1. Squires says:

    Why is Steve Perry driving on the wrong side of the road?

    This entry was subpar, so the clock is ticking ;)

    I deserve a tag…I’m mentioned by name dammit!

    We can’t use an adjective to describe shit, but it’s ok for bumfuck?
    “It was a big-ass bumfuck!”
    Is big-ass an adjective?

  2. TomiHendrix says:

    I’ve got to frigging redo the layout for the pictures again thanks to stupid updates. Yeah that’s on my list of things to do.

    I think you’ve outwitted yourself with the English questions there matey..

  3. Squires says:

    It’s time for my 3 week complaint session…I’ve heard all your excuses. Gimme something new…

  4. TomiHendrix says:

    Yeah yeah. I have a laptop now so i’ll try write while im flying and on trips and stuff…like tomorrow to Oz ;)

  5. Squires says:

    Have an incredibly awesome (and redundant) trip :)

    see you soon mate!

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